Nurturing Biodiversity: Pollinator Pathways, Corridors, Patches, and Stepping Stones in the Sonoran Desert – Part 3

Bee Savvy: Pollinator Pathways – An Interactive Board Game

You’re a solitary native bee who needs to make nectar stops on the way from the desert to your subterranean nest. You also want to bring pollen back so you forage along the way.

At every stopover point you draw a card from the deck – if you select a Stepping Stone or Patch card, you are able to refuel and move forward.

If you select an Obstacle card a role of the die determines if you go back a stop or move forward.

  • Move your game piece to the first stopover and draw a card. Stepping Stone or Patch cards move you forward. Obstacle cards require a role of the die.
  • Continue drawing a card at each stopover until you move your game piece to the FINISH.

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