Learn a bit about our panel of Authors

George Roark

George lives in Phoenix AZ and actively participates in the MetroPhoenix EcoFlora iNaturalist project under the handle @pollinatorweb. You can also follow on Instagram @pollinator_web. George also participates in the Maricopa Pathway Project, who’s goal is to fill pollinator corridor, path and stepping stone eco-gaps.

To learn a bit about how George became involved with the web of pollinators in the Sonoran Desert and started PollinatorWeb.com, see his blog post here.

Elliott Gordon

Elliott lives in Albuquerque, NM and participates on iNaturalist under the handle @egordon88. Elliott is also a member of the American Penstemon Society and a neighborhood ambassador for the ABQ Backyard Refuge Program.

Jeny Davis

Stayed tuned, Jeny will be contributing soon!