Beetles are mega-diverse worldwide and more common than one might expect in our gardens as flower visitors. Please enjoy this visual guide and thank you for visiting!

Beetles are an incredibly diverse group that make up the largest order (Coleoptera) in the animal kingdom. Worldwide, more than 300,000 species have been described, representing about 40 percent of known insects. Gardeners are often familiar with the beneficial pest-control services provided by ladybugs and predaceous ground beetles, but flower-visiting species like soldier beetles, scarabs, long-horned beetles, sap beetles, and checkered beetles all provide important pollination services.


Note: Uncredited pictures are my own and available for use with appropriate credit © Elliott Gordon

Soldier Beetles (Family Cantharidae)
Chauliognathus lewisi, Lewis’ Soldier Beetles
Leaf, Flea, and Checkered Beetles (Family Chrysomelidae)
Diabrotica undecimpunctata, Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Paranapiacaba tricincta, Checkered Melon Beetle
Longhorn Beetles (Family Cerambycidae)
Tylosis maculatus, Spotted Tylosis
Crossidius coralinus
Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (Family Buprestidae)
Acmaeodera mixta
Agrilus walsinghami
Scarab Beetles (Family Scarabaeidae)
Cotinis mutabilis, Figeater Beetle
Euphoria inda, Bumble Flower Beetle