Nectar Powerhouse: Gregg’s Mistflower

Conoclinium greggii (A. Gray) Small

Gregg's Mistflower , Palmleaf Thoroughwort, Palm-leaf Mistflower, Palm-leaf Thoroughwort, Purple Palmleaf Mistflower, Purple Palmleaf Eupatorium
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There is a groundcover species Conoclinium greggii, and a shrubby one, Chromolaena odorata; both have an alkaloid in their nectar that Monarchs and Queens use to attract mates. Add a host plant and let the party get started :-).

“If you were given the choice of only choosing one plant with the purpose of attracting butterflies, this would be the one. If there are butterflies in the area, any species of butterfly, they will be fluttering about on this plant, feeding on the nectar of the mistflower.” -Spadefoot Nursery

“The votes are in for 2020’s Unofficial Pollinator Plant of the Year, and the winner is…Gregg’s mistflower.” –Texas Butterfly Ranch

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