Yellow Orchid Vine

Callaeum macropterum

Yellow Orchid Vine, also known as butterfly vine, is a stunning and drought-tolerant plant that can add both visual appeal and ecological value to an Arizona pollinator garden. This plant produces clusters of small, bright yellow flowers that are attractive to a variety of native bees, including bumblebees, sweat bees, and mason bees.

Yellow Orchid Vine is not known to be a host plant for butterfly larvae, but it is still a valuable addition to a pollinator garden due to its nectar and pollen resources. By planting Yellow Orchid Vine, gardeners can support the populations of important pollinators and enhance the beauty of their garden with its striking blooms.

Flowers: Spring through Fall
Status: Near-native
Origin: Texas, Mexico, Central and South America
Family: Malpighiaceae
Size: Can grow 30′ long
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Watering: Regular deep watering during growing season
Growth Rate: Fast
Soil: Amended well drained soil, does not like heavy clay soil
Temperature: Heat loving, but foliage damage with frost – recovers in spring.
Disease and Pests:
Uses: Attracts pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, and provides food and shelter for birds and other wildlife
Notes: Might become aggressive and spread in flood irrigated locations. Delicate looking, but tough. Climbs by twining and cannot cling to a wall.


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