Wolfberries: Standard Plant Tag


Aluminum laser engraved plant tag with web page: durable and slightly flexible with gloss black finish. Business Card size

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Wolfberries (Lycium spp) Lycium brevipes, Baja Desert Thorn, Fruitilla, Lycium andersonii, Anderson Wolfberry, Desert Wolfberry, Thornberry, Lycium berlandieri, Berlandier’s Wolfberry, Lycium californicum, California Box Thorn, Lycium exsertum, Arizona Desert Thorn, Thornbush, Lycium fremontii, Fremont’s Thornbush

Aluminum laser engraved garden tag with web page scannable QR code: durable and slightly flexible with gloss black finish. Business Card size 3.4″ wide x 2.1″ tall

With a simple scan using your smartphone, you’ll unlock a whole new level of information and convenience. No more searching through countless books or websites to find details about your plants.

Each tag showcases the plant’s pollinator-attracting properties, ensuring you make informed choices when designing your garden. From native flowering plants to nectar-rich blooms, every plant tag becomes a symbol of support for our precious pollinators.

Imagine a world where every garden, school yard, and public space becomes an immersive and educational experience. A place where nature and knowledge intertwine to create stunning interpretive trails.

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in


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