Red Bird of Paradise: Standard Plant Tag


Aluminum laser engraved plant tag with web page: durable and slightly flexible with gloss black finish. Business Card size

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Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) Pride of Barbados, Barbados Fencepost, Dwarf Poinciana, Mexican Bird-of-Paradise, Peacock Flower, Poinciana, Pride-of-Barbados, Red Bird-of-Paradise, Barba del Sol, Tetezo, Flamboyant-de-Jardin, Flor de Camarón, Flos Pavonis, Tabachín, Tabaquín, Talcapache, -de Guacamaya

Aluminum laser engraved garden tag with web page scannable QR code: durable and slightly flexible with gloss black finish. Business Card size 3.4″ wide x 2.1″ tall

With a simple scan using your smartphone, you’ll unlock a whole new level of information and convenience. No more searching through countless books or websites to find details about your plants.

Each tag showcases the plant’s pollinator-attracting properties, ensuring you make informed choices when designing your garden. From native flowering plants to nectar-rich blooms, every plant tag becomes a symbol of support for our precious pollinators.

Imagine a world where every garden, school yard, and public space becomes an immersive and educational experience. A place where nature and knowledge intertwine to create stunning interpretive trails.

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