Mexican Petunia

Ruellia brittoniana

Ruellia brittoniana, commonly known as Mexican Petunia or Britton’s Wild Petunia, is a versatile perennial plant that belongs to the Acanthaceae family. Native to Mexico, this species has become a popular ornamental plant in various parts of the world due to its attractive flowers and adaptability to different growing conditions.

Flowers: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Status: Native
Origin: Mexico and Southwest US
Family: Acanthaceae
Size: 3′ – 6′ tall
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Watering: Regular watering, especially during summer. Mulch well to conserve water.
Growth Rate: Fast
Soil: Tolerant, but prefers acidic to neutral soils
Temperature: Heat loving but freeze intolerant
Pruning: Prune to shape anytime
Disease and Pests: Spider mites
Uses: Larval food plant for the common buckeye (Junonia coenia), and the tropical buckeye (Junonia evarete), Cuban crescentspot (Anthanassa frisia), banded peacock (Anartia fatima), malachite (Siproeta stelenes), and the white peacock (Anartia jatrophae). Pollinated by native bees.
Notes: Reseeds readily and can become invasive in flood irrigated yards. Ruellia simplex is the oldest and accepted name for this species, which has been variously called Ruellia angustifoliaRuellia brittoniana, and Cryphiacanthus angustifolius, among several synonyms. Exhibits explosive dehiscence when hit by water.


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