Mexican Bird of Paradise

Erythrostemon mexicanus

Formerly known as Caesalpinia mexicana and Poincianella mexicana.

There are many common names for this plant. They are Mexican bird-of-paradise, yellow bird-of-paradise, yellow bird, Mexican Holdback, Mexican poincianella, Mexican caesalpinia, or Mexican poinciana. All of this is confusing and demonstrates why use of scientific names to properly identify landscape plant material is important.

Public ASU

Flowers: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Status: Near-native
Origin: South Texas into northern Mexico
Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Size: 10′ – 20′ can be trained as a tree
Sun: Full
Watering: Regular during summer
Growth Rate: Medium to Fast
Soil: Tolerant
Temperature: Hardy to 25 F
Pruning: To elevate the canopy if a tree form is desired
Disease and Pests: White flies in summer
Uses: Nectar plant. Attracts Hummingbirds and Carpenter bees. Birds attracted to seeds.
Notes: Very brittle wood. When seed pods are dry the seeds launch with a popping sound. Fertilization in late winter will increase growth.


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