Alcea rosea

Flowers: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Status: Non-native
Origin: Asia Minor, Turkey
Family: Malvaceae
Size: Up to 9′ tall
Sun: Partial shade, no western summer sun
Watering: Regular
Growth Rate:
Soil: Tolerant, but may require fertilizing
Temperature: Does not tolerate freezing temperatures
Disease and Pests:
Uses: Larval host for the Painted Lady
Notes: Biennial: plant seeds in early fall for following spring bloom. Hollyhocks can reseed if flower stalks permitted to set fruit.

Photo by ss_parra


In Maricopa County the average first frost date varies from Nov 21st to Dec 12th. In Tucson the average first frost date is Dec 3rd.

  • Keep plants well watered
  • Place plants in a protected microclimate
  • Protect by covering plants, adding heat or increasing air circulation
  • Do not prune frost damage until plants begin growing

For more info: Protecting Frost Sensitive Plants

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