Feather Tree

Lysiloma watsonii

Lysiloma watsonii, known as the Desert Fern, is a resilient, drought-tolerant tree native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. Characterized by its fern-like leaves and small, creamy flowers, it thrives in arid environments.

This tree contributes to desert ecosystems by providing shade, shelter, and food for wildlife, showcasing its adaptability and importance in sustaining desert biodiversity.

Flowers: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Status: Native
Origin: Southeast of Tucson and into Sonora Mexico
Family: Fabaceae
Size: Up to 20′ tall and wide
Sun: Full to part sun
Watering: Moderate
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
Soil: Tolerant
Temperature: Hardy to 25F
Pruning: Prefers to grow as a shrub or multi-trunk tree
Disease and Pests:
Uses: Larval host plant for the Orange Sulfur. Nectar plant for butterflies and bees. Shelter for small animals. Seeds for birds.
Notes: Grows naturally on slopes, pods are considered unsightly by some and probably too messy for use around pools. Produces suckers at the base.

Photo by @enriquemartinez on iNaturalist


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