Desert Honeysuckle

Anisacanthus thurberi

With its striking red-orange flowers and ability to thrive in arid environments, Desert Honeysuckle is a popular choice for gardeners looking to add color and visual interest to their landscapes, particularly in regions with warm and dry climates. It also serves as an important nectar source for pollinators, making it a valuable addition to gardens focused on supporting local wildlife.

Flowers:J F M A M J J A S O N D
Status: Native
Origin: In washes and canyons in the Sonoran Desert
Size: 6′
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Watering: Moderate
Growth Rate: Moderate
Soil: Tolerant
Temperature: Hardy to the low teens
Pruning: Cut to the ground before spring to rejuvenate, if desired
Disease and Pests:
Uses: Attracts Hummingbirds. Host for the  Elada Checkerspot and Arizona checkerspot. Seeds for birds
Notes: Deciduous shrub

Photo by mason_s


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