Justicia californica

Chuparosa is a native perennial that provides a nice show of red flowers in the Phoenix winters. Drought deciduous with a wispy, sprawling form; flowers are loved by hummingbirds.

Status: Native
Origin: Southern Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and northern Mexico
Family: Acanthaceae
Size: 2′ – 6′ high and wide
Sun: Full
Watering: Supplemental – keep on the dry side for best growth and flowers. Does not take complete desert drought.
Growth Rate: Medium
Soil: Tolerant of various soil conditions
Temperature: Cold tolerant, but may freeze to the ground in colder locations (will recover in spring)
Pruning: Chuparosa will resist attempts to make it look formal – use watering to control shape and growth.
Disease and Pests: None
Uses: Nectar source for Hummingbirds and bees. Host for Tiny Checkerspot, Texas Crescent, Pearl Crescent
Notes: Too much water reduces flowering and results in leggy growth. Reseeds in the garden.


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