San Tan Interpretive Trail 1: 5″x7″ Museum Series Plant Tag


Museum Series laser engraved plant tag with web page: durable and rigid with a matte black powder coat finish. 5″ x 7″


Museum Series aluminum laser engraved garden tag with web page scannable QR code: durable and rigid with flat black powder coat finish. 5″ x 7″. Almost 5 times as large as our Standard plant tags, 4 times as thick with an extra durable powder coat finish.

Barrel Cactus spp for low desert gardens. Common names include California Barrel Cactus, Arizona Barrel Cactus, Emory’s Barrel Cactus. Text reads:

  • Iconic, globe-shaped succulents known for their ribbed and spiky exteriors. They store water to survive in arid conditions and produce striking flowers atop their crowns. These hardy plants play a vital role in the desert ecosystem, providing food and shelter for various wildlife species, while adding character to the landscape with their unique forms and vibrant blooms.

Creosote for low desert gardens. Text reads:

  • A resilient desert shrub native to arid regions of North and South America. Recognizable by its dark, aromatic foliage, it’s adapted to survive in harsh, dry environments. Creosote plays a vital ecological role, providing habitat and food for desert wildlife. It’s also valued for its medicinal properties and is a prominent feature of arid landscapes.

Hedgehog Cactus spp for low desert gardens. Common names include Engelmann’s Hedgehog, Arizona Hedgehog, Claret Cup, Kingcup, Banana Hedgehog, Nichol’s Turk’s Head, Lace Hedgehog, Strawberry Hedgehog. Text reads:

  • Native to North and Central America. These small, spherical cacti are characterized by their dense spines and vibrant, often tubular-shaped flowers. They thrive in arid environments, providing essential habitat and food sources for wildlife. Popular in desert gardens, they contribute to the unique beauty and biodiversity of arid landscapes. 

Triangle Leaf Bursage for low desert gardens. Common names include Canyon Bursage, Rabbit Bush, Triangle Bursage, Triangleleaf Bursage, Triangle Bur Ragweed. Text reads:

  • A hardy, drought-tolerant shrub native to arid regions of North America. Its leaves are distinctly triangular in shape, and it produces small, inconspicuous flowers. This plant is well-adapted to thrive in dry, sandy soils and plays a crucial role in desert ecosystems, providing habitat and food for wildlife. Additionally, it’s valued for its ability to prevent soil erosion and stabilize desert landscapes.

With a simple scan using your smartphone, you’ll unlock a whole new level of information and convenience. No more searching through countless books or websites to find details about your plants.

Each tag showcases the plant’s pollinator-attracting properties, ensuring you make informed choices when designing your garden. From native flowering plants to nectar-rich blooms, every plant tag becomes a symbol of support for our precious pollinators.

Imagine a world where every garden, school yard, and public space becomes an immersive and educational experience. A place where nature and knowledge intertwine to create stunning interpretive trails.


Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in

Barrel Cactus spp, Creosote, Hedgehog Cactus spp, Triangle Leaf Bursage


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